Timloc 1169 Drop Down Insulated Loft Hatch

Timloc Loft Hatch 1169

  • Timloc 1169 drop Down Loft Hatch
  • Rectangular loft access door with twist operated catch to release a downward opening hinged door.
  • Clear opening dimensions: 526mm x 626mm
  • Joist Opening Size Required: 562 x 665mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 770mm x 670mm
    Loft Box Contains:
  • 1 Number White insulated loft trap door
  • 1 Number White loft access door frame fitted with anti-draught and vapour seal
  • 2 Number Door hinge pins
  • 10 Number 32mm No.10 wood screws

Inc. Vat£25.00 Inc. Vat £4.17
Exc. Vat£20.83 Exc. Vat £4.17

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  • Installation Advice
  • The product is designed to fit between 38mm thick trussed rafters or ceiling joists spaced at 600mm centres which provide a clear joist opening width of 562mm
  • If the roof design does not provide this joist opening width, a suitable opening must be formed
  • Trimmers must be installed across the ends of the frame . These should be spaced to give a clear opening length of 662mm
  • The frame fixes with ten screws. Three through each side and two through each end
  • Fit the loft access door after the ceiling has been plaster boarded and skimmed
  • The frame must be a good fit into the trimmed opening. Never force it into an opening that is too small. If the opening is too large use packers to ensure a good fit
















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